Bernie endured the full power of the political establishment. And trained us in the process.
aaron bowersock

Very well said Aaron and very informative. I have been following the campaign all this year and learning how you guys do it in the USA. After this and all my reading up on the elections I have found it extremely disturbing to see it really is not a fair go for the everyday public person and anyone standing in opposition to the establishment. I did note that; Not only the media went against Bernie but I thought that the President prematurely endorsing Hillery Clinton on the day before voting for California, was breaching the Democratic Party rules to not correctly declare a party nominee for president until after the convention was properly completed, party members had voted and a nominee was officially declared. At that time should the President give his endorsement to the officially declared Democratic Parties Nominee for the President of the USA election.

The interference from the media, the candidates opposition supporters at election ballot positions and the President of the USA breaches the meaning of democracy.

Simple Definition of democracy

  • : a form of government in which people choose leaders by voting
  • : a country ruled by democrats
  • : an organization or situation in which everyone is treated equally and has equal rights

It appears the new and old supporting members of the Democrats Party that believe in democracy need to use their new found numbers to take back the control of the party through their AGMs and put in a non corrupt board for the next election to come.

Your doing a great job, keep it up and lets hope the people can make the changes back to the people that is needed.

Aussie supporter.

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