Acts of War! JESUS/ALEXANDER & JFK Revised 6th Final Edition with Clear Credible and Convincing NEW EVIDENCE!

Accept no substitutes, or earlier revisions, because this one reports the fact that President George Herbert Walker Bush is guilty of Treason. Yes, there is the Constitutional requirement of four eye witnesses to the same overt act… and the penalty is hanged until dead. His Boy Bill’s Clinton Global Initiative complicit, and instrumental, in the largest Mass Murder in United States History, and spanning Continents, and same penalty, and only found here:

Its 40 pages, (w/ four damning items from the National Archives), say more in one paragraph than what a thousand books could not, or would not say in 300+ pages. It challenges long-held beliefs and debunks popular theories, and so much more…

Do you know Professor Doctor Walt Whitman Rostow? You will know all about the man when you read this, but do not worry. The man I gave the moniker, ‘Satan of the twentieth century,’ is dead, and though he tried to kill me in a variety of ways, I killed him, by attrition. He was a prolific serial killer, and Mass Murderer, besides, but he could not kill me. It is like I told that chap with the Gas Institute, who told me I, “ …won’t make it two years,” in 1994, Washington, DC. I laughed at what seemed a phony laugh, to say, “Ha! You don’t know me. They don’t call me Dodge for nuthin.”

Bravado, and My Friends, kept me alive to finally see the fruits of my labor.

The above domain needs editing, yet I have another PDF File, which is much better overall, and I could Email it to you, if you please.

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