Your parents really want to know that you’re having fun at camp, so don’t be afraid to lie and tell them it’s the greatest time of your life!

Be inventive! Be dramatic! Be funny!


Hi Mom & ___________. (whoever you want to add!)

Boy I had a ________________ day! (bold adjective — but don’t make it depressing)

I’m pretty tired though because today I played

________________________. (think of something fun and surprising, com’n)

The day started off well when I found the __________________ under my bed. (something that you think your parents would have bet each other that you would lose)

For breakfast they let me mix ______________ Loops (Froot) and ______ pieces of bacon. (a number!)

After breakfast the whole bunk went for a hike in the forest. My second best friend _____________ and I got lost, but we did find an old cabin and got to meet a hermit. (use a real name)

OMG! I almost forgot to tell you, but for lunch, you’ll never guess, but I ate all of the ___________________! (name a vegetable or some other food your parents would want you to eat a lot of)

The hermit turned out to be a former camp counselor who had been fired for _________________________ (be creative, not creepy!) and his name was _______________.(ironically, the same name as a historical figure)

In the afternoon, some of the kids thought it would be fun to take an old piece of cardboard and draw pictures on it so we could stare at it. The counselors liked this idea because they wanted to stare at their iPhone-size pieces of cardboard.

Tonight’s dinner theme was based on The ___________ War. I got to wear a period costume. (your choice)

I’m not sure that I mentioned in my earlier letters, but all the other kids are teasing me because at bedtime I like to wear _______________________ (be inventive, but don’t freak them out!)

Oh, also, during our downtime before bed, it turns out that all the kids like to play _____________________ for money, so can you send me more money? (DON’T say poker)

Well, I’ll say night now so I can get a good night’s sleep because tomorrow the counselors said we have to do their laundry for them.

Oh, yeah, also I __________________ you! (maybe love?)

Your favorite kid,

_____________________________ (you!)

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