By Gary Sieling

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SQLite is the most deployed relational database because it is designed to be embedded within software applications, rather than accessed as a server database. It is available within most browsers through the Web SQL API and is commonly used in mobile applications.

Because SQLite is used in embedded systems, it is designed to be predictable and robust. While many SQLite instances may be small, it boasts the ability to handle fairly large datasets and high read volumes (e.g., websites with 100,000 page loads per day).

Installation and Testing

If you would like to learn how SQLite works, you can easily deploy it on a Linode…

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If you run a software application, backing up your database is crucial. Postgres provides several well-documented backup methods, supporting a variety of use cases. In this essay I discuss how and when to use each, including caveats to consider from my experience administering Postgres.

If you use Linode, you could conceivably rely on virtual machine backups for a simple, hassle-free option. However, if your business depends on the database, you should use one of the Postgres options so that the backups are stored in a separate data center.

Postgres backups are lightweight, and can be used to provision new machines — building a new database server is a good way to test the backup process. This will also give you a way to fail over to another data center in the event of an outage in the home data-center, and it will allow you to use your production data for testing purposes. …

Dreaming up, planning, designing and building side projects often fosters a fresh, rejuvenated atmosphere of creativity, curiosity and possibility around a team. As a senior engineer, demonstrating that you value exploring ideas outside the domain of your direct focus encourages others on your team to do the same, to the benefit of all.

Software teams that restrict themselves to thinking only about their current project are apt to stagnate, fall behind and burn out. …

A few months ago, I launched a discovery engine for lectures, called To keep quality high, I manually select individual presentations, speakers, and video collections for inclusion — now over 125,000 talks.

Many people struggle to finish Coursera courses, so I prioritize standalone talks. Even so, a search engine full of options can be overwhelming, so I offer an email list where I send the best talks I’ve seen.

I was initially was unsure if anyone would care, so I didn’t write any emails until a dozen people signed up.

As it turned out, once I launched the site over 500 people signed up. This isn’t a huge list, but it’s comparable in size to the email list of a typical church or small non-profit. …


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