Why We’re Removing Visitors

Ok, this is ridiculous. So many times, a woman would view me, but they would be too shy to say something first. So I would send them a message, and they would reply. Now, you’ve taken this away. You’ve taken away “who’s new” which allowed me to easily see profiles I hadn’t seen before. And for some reason, when I do a search now, 99% of what I’m seeing are people I’ve ALREADY seen and probably clicked like on. Even with no filters whatsoever on the search. Your service, which I have used for 8 years now, has become damn pointless. I’ve always sung the praises of OK Cupid to everyone, far and wide. I’ve subbed to A-List when I could afford it. But now you’ve decided you want to hamstring the service that was formerly awesome and simply turn it into another Tinder. No tests, no fun stuff that was engaging. Just swipe, swipe, swipe. Hell, I got TWO PEOPLE in my swipe this morning, and I’m in a city with over a million people, and I haven’t used the swipe feature in months. And when I tried it on the website, even with my search function set to 50 miles, it was giving me people all from a city 120 miles away. FIX YOUR SHIT OK CUPID.

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