Response to “The Definition of Masculinity”
Expat Unchained

Good points. Agree in the NAWALT theory. What I believe many mistake for these core attributes being ascribed to women is the assumption of a woman to a classical male role. While they may appear to live these ideals at their core they are not that which they pretend to be and will surprise all at an opportune moment revert to their true nature. A classical example of a field failure of a female commander during an engagement is Boudica who upon surrounding a vastly outnumbered Roman Army turned it into a festival with an disorganized charge toward the Roman lines. The Romans broke the charge and her troops were without room to maneuver since she had allowed families with wagons to view the “victory”which blocked their escape. She is often brought up as some sort of hero and figurehead she may have been but commander she was as history has truly written not much. That unfortunate battle effectively ended the British Isles holding of the Roman occupation. She poisoned herself.

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