The News and its New Silent Majority: Clinton Supporters
Jeff Jarvis

In the spirit of Medium becoming a journal of confessions, I’ll say that virtually every Clinton supporter will hate this comment but…fools rush in.

There were so many points I could and can disagree with and I don’t even know where to begin. But I’ll just stay with one point. If Mr. Jarvis can’t see the perception problems with Hillary Clinton being the Secretary of State with vast influence over U.S. foreign policy and Bill Clinton running a charitable Foundation that gets a lot of funding from foreign countries and some egregious foreign citizens then he really should not be complaining about how his brethren in big media have fallen off the rails. He is just one of them but tries to make a case of disagreeing with them but really cannot do a credible job.

But Mr. Jarvis is a much beloved in the New Media community and can do no wrong and Medium is one such, for want of a better term, medium where he can get to say stuff that will be avidly read and discussed by the good folks in Tech and the New Media community. If there is such a thing.

But there are just too many voices raised, with quite a bit of them non-partisan who have taken a position in Hillary’s questionable ethics with regards to her husband’s foundation that I can’t even list them here. You can just Google it in a couple of seconds. I got 9 links including Center for Responsive Politics and The one that made me cringe was Matt Yglesias, a darling of the Left doing an about face from his 2007 comment on the questionable ethics but then changed his position recently. Somebody forgot to tell him that in the Internets words live on forever.

Why can’t people just say they support her but not justify it. That is perfectly acceptable but the notion that she is the Second Coming, the sun will come out and the world will be righted just as soon as she becomes President makes my skin crawl.

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