Most college students have limited funds that are available due to the high cost of education. Students can often get into debt as they attempt to survive when they’re enrolled in school. If you want to stay afloat until you graduate, there are a few budget tips to follow as a student.

Avoid Eating Out

Eating out with your friends or grabbing fast food during your study break can add up quickly. Instead, prepare more meals at home or in your dorm and stick to a budget each week when purchasing groceries. …

Everyone experiences above average stress levels from time to time, but students struggle with this problem far more frequently than the rest of the population. The constant stream of homework and exams, the never ending social cycle, the worries for the future — it all leads to a person feeling the full and constant weight of the world, and justifiably so. But spending time outside is all it takes to greatly reduce the amount of stress that you feel.

Whether you engage in team sports, take a hike through your favorite park, or read a book on the lawn…

Why get involved in politics during college? People usually don’t have the time to get involved after they become a working person. They usually have other things to do — tend to family, relax after work, and simply take care of themselves. Someone in college has plenty of time to pursue other activities and go after it with a vigor unmatched by many people; therefore it is the perfect time to get involved in something like politics. What are some of the more in-depth reasons to get involved?

Politics affect everyone. It’s easy to think this is not the…

Starting college is certainly exciting. During this time period, students get to take classes in courses that interest them, build friendships and explore a new area. For some students, however, the dreaded freshman 15 is frightening. Fortunately, gaining this extra weight is certainly not something that has to happen.

Bring Healthy Snacks

While they are likely to eat out in the cafeteria and at restaurants often, students are also going to procure some of their nourishment in their dorm rooms with the snacks that they bring. It’s okay to have a treat sometimes, but they should make sure to load their rooms up…

We’ve all seen the commercials and advertisements for online universities that help those with busy schedules and families earn their degree. For those that work full-time or have kids, going to a brick and mortar college can seem out of the realm of possibility, but these online schools offer a flexibility that they could more easily weave into their lives. The big question is, does this kind of education really live up to the hype?



Being able to start up on a course and stop when something comes up in your life is an obvious advantage. When you have…

With the horror stories about hazing in fraternities and sororities across the country, bullying, and discrimination, colleges can seem closed-off or even downright dangerous for our youth. These issues are ones that plague the administration and students on college campuses, but it definitely doesn’t need to be that way.

In order to combat the negativity that a campus could have present, it’s crucial that the college community is thriving so that everyone, from present or incoming students to the faculty feels safe to nurture growth and education.

The benefits of having a positive college community are overwhelming, but what…

When navigating your way through the tumultuous waves of college majors, it may be important for you to first understand what the two different types of four-year, undergraduates degrees are; the B.A., or Bachelor of the Arts, and the B.S., or Bachelor of Science.

Bachelor of the Arts Degree

A Bachelor of Arts degree is more focused on the expansive education of the student. This degree requires fewer credits tied to a particular major and generally focuses on shaping the student via critical thinking, writing, and verbals skills. The B.A. …

Attending a private college or university can offer the added benefit of smaller class sizes, intimate, hands-on learning experiences, and more direct support from the academic faculty. But with the rising price of college rising every year, is a private college or university actually worth it?

Cost vs Worth

Private colleges are often known for their close-knit community, sense of comradery, and dedicated instructors that are invested in the educational and personal lives of their students. Private colleges can also be a great place to get a head start on your career, provided your high-school transcripts are indicative of your current academic…

The advent of online education has significantly transformed the way people learn and earn degrees. Between fully-online institutions and traditional colleges and universities offering online programs, there are thousands of choices available for a prospective online learner. The student considering enrolling in an online program would do well to understand the advantages and disadvantages of this innovation.



Online programs remove one of the biggest barriers to obtaining an education by making courses accessible to anyone with an internet connection. …

College students may take summer and winter classes for a variety of reasons. They may want to graduate earlier, lighten up their regular semester course load, save money, or focus on only one subject because of its rigor or interesting nature. While using the time of the long breaks wisely may have many benefits, there are also some downfalls. College students who are taking or considering taking summer and winter classes should weigh out the pros and cons before making a commitment.

The Pros

  • Summer and winter classes are typically not drawn out over 15 weeks like they are in the…

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