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Why We All Have Haters, and Why I Respect Mine

Dear normal person who is busy as hell,

Hey. It’s me, Gary.

How Important is Failure Really?

Is advice like “fail fast and often” all hype?

Fail fast and often. You’ve probably heard this, right? It’s a common saying these days…

The Best Way to Deal with Fear of Failure

If I said one of the hardest things about making your dream, or your small business, or your blog, or whatever, happen was just doing it, would…

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Sleeping is optional. Success isn’t.

How to value the most important stakeholders of the sports and music industry

Delegation Isn’t About Weakness: It’s About Ego

Delegation isn’t about giving away your weaknesses.

Fat Thumb Clicks: Why I Hate Acura

It’s time to start debating the context of impressions.

Fat Thumb Clicks

Getting Rejected Is Awesome. Trust Me.

I think I was wired backwards somewhere along the road, because I actually prefer that everybody think I’m wrong. Is that weird?

How to Dominate Video on Every Major Platform

1. Snapchat

Why I Don’t Enforce A Dress Code At My Company

There’s something I always hear when people first walk into my agency VaynerMedia’s offices. It goes a little something like this: “Wow, it…

Stop Pretending That Fundraising Is Different From Sales

I do not see a difference between fundraising and sales. Straight up.