22 Times I Said The P Word!


As my profile has grown over the last 18 months and my audience has obviously shifted younger, I am drawn to talk about one very important thing: Patience! That’s the magic word and the unlock to most of your problems. I understand why patience is hard because so many of you want to “prove it” to yourself, your mom, your boyfriend, your best friend or your boss ... But it is absolutely the foundation of my career and the superpower of successful brands, people and businesses. It’s also something most young people don’t want to deploy.

There are very few concepts that I return to more than the idea of patience. 9 times out of 10, it’s the answer to every question I get asked. So many of you are wasting your days while worrying about your years. You aren’t acting fast in the micro and deploying patience in the macro.

I promise you 👇


The single best trait you can develop as an operator, entrepreneur, friend, girlfriend, wife, daughter, husband, co-worker or employee is patience.

You must believe that life is long! There are just wayyy too many of you acting like it “ends tomorrow” and that, if you don’t “get there” right this second, then you never will. That if you don’t get that promotion, raise, introduction, car, watch or vacation then you never will.

Trust me .. It’s not true!

You have to understand that you have so much time. Whether you are 14 or 44, patience is the answer.


Seriously .. Sam Walton was 44 when he started Walmart. Here’s 10 other stories of extreme entrepreneurial success from companies that were started by a founder over 40!

And a few other times I said the “P” word ;) over the last 10 years.


This! Micro-Speed, Macro Patience. You have to play the long-game but move insanely fast each day. This is why I always joke about being a tortoise in a hare’s costume. My outlook is in 10–20 and 30 years terms but my execution in the micro is all about making decisions. Speed is 4 billion times more important than perfection.


If you know what you “want” then you are good to go. Reverse engineer your goals and don’t waiver. Anything great takes time. Develop the work ethic, mindset and stamina to succeed. If you really understand what you want, then all you have to do is deploy patience. It’s better to make 47K a year writing a blog about Pokemon Go for 4 years until the world comes to you vs the alternative of doing something you hate.


This one is funny but it’s really how I feel 😉 Too many out there want it “today” … It doesn’t happen overnight. At 20, you can literally do nothing … NOTHING for 10 years, wake up at 30 and have your whole to build your dream. The problem is that people are making moves too early that are going to bury them. Success is years in the making.


Patience must be your foundation. It’s so hard but it’s so worth it.


Whether it’s here today or you have to wait. More opportunity is coming. Have patience. And just because a new product isn’t here like Facebook Watch, doesn’t mean you can’t be building an epic video blog somewhere else, like your standard Facebook page or YouTube account.


Too many say no before they say yes. If I told you, in 15 years you would have the perfect life, and all you had to do was work 15 hours a day, everyday for the next 10 years (ALL of you would do it!) The reason you don’t is because you uncertain as to where that work leads. This is where you deploy patience, enjoy the process, and put in the work.


Mark your calendars. This is everyday, always, forever.


Results, effort and achievement compound. Your wins get bigger over time. Invest in the long-game and see your dividends grow.


Remember .. I started with zero followers too! I did 1000 episodes of WineLibrary TV and nobody watched… Until they did ;)


It’s just the truth!


I have been talking about this forever. Long before anyone reading this probably knew my name.


One of my all-time most viewed videos about hard work and patience.


Show up every single day. Consistency and patience will set you apart.


2014 was my year to double down 😉


If you’re on to something .. Don’t stop!


My 2009 game and my 2049 game. Patience. It’s the only way.


Predictions, conviction and patience ;)



And you probably should too .. It’s just practical.

If you need one more reminder, watch this! 👇


Thanks for reading ❤️

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