Addressing Fake GaryVee Accounts and Scams

Gary Vaynerchuk
5 min readOct 24, 2018


November 2023 update:

It’s been brought to our attention that there are impersonators on Telegram pretending to be part of Gary’s team, and offering fake opportunities to “talk” to Gary. Here are some examples of the kind of messages you may see on Instagram and/or other platforms:

These are fraudulent messages — please do not click any links or send any information to any Gary account on Telegram.

Keep reading for other scams and fraudulent messages you may see on other platforms.

Hey VaynerNation, this is a quick message from Team Gary Vee:

It has been brought to our attention that there are numerous people trying to impersonate @garyvee and scam people by offering illegitimate services in exchange for money. Scammers are often sending private messages over social media, email, text pretending to be Gary. They often use Gary’s name and photo to falsely endorse get-rich-quick schemes.

Here’s an example of a scam email we’ve seen being shared:

Although this email looks like it came from a legitimate VaynerMedia email address, it’s fake. Gary will NEVER send an email promoting investment advice like this, get-rich-quick schemes, or offering illegitimate services in exchange for money.

As you can see in this example above, this person has replied in the thread underneath an original tweet from Gary. They have even used Gary’s exact profile picture as well as a very similar (but incorrect) spelling of his name.

If you look closely, however, you’ll see that the “@“ or username is not Gary (@garyvee), the account is unverified, and the tweet includes a suspicious link. When you see something like this, please DO NOT click the link. Unfortunately there are scammers leveraging the trust that Gary has with his community to bait people into clicking phishing links that will steal money and cryptocurrency, NFTs, and personal information. Again, if you are uncertain about the validity of a link, do not click. If you come across a Twitter account pretending to be Gary, please report it.

Followers who post/comment on Gary’s social media are being specifically targeted in private channels by people impersonating Gary. The scammers use quite convincing methods to try and extract personal information and cash from the targeted individual. The following scam has been circulating for quite some time — the scammer posing as Gary tries to extract money from BITCOIN opportunities and ask the individuals to invest in. If you see this scam, please report it.

Gary’s personal accounts are all verified and the team accounts will be posted below — we will not send personal messages regarding investments, charity donations or any other from these accounts. If you are contacted by somebody on social media pretending to be Gary please report them through the social media platform that the incident is happening on.

Most social media platforms do a speedy job of taking down fake accounts, so we urge you to report from your end as step 1.

We are doing everything we can to report scammers and get fake sites taken down as soon as possible. We have dealt with hundreds of instances and tackle more every week, working with our legal team and urging social networks to do more to stop the scams.

However, the best and most immediate step you can take on your own is to report the account immediately to the appropriate platform support. In the unfortunate event, you may have already given way personal information or other securities, we advise you to contact your local law enforcement.

Here are all our official channels


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How do I report fake GaryVee accounts?

  1. Search for “Report/ Block” option on the social media platform
  2. Look for report option to “Report profile/ The account violate community guidelines/ Report account”
  3. Choose the option “This profile is impersonating someone/ This profile is pretending to be someone else”
  4. Next, choose the option “A celebrity or a public figure”
  5. Last, input Gary’s real handle on platform if possible.

We really appreciate it when you report these fake accounts! The platforms usually do a speedy job taking them down!

Platform Support Contacts:

Here’s a fake account to look out for:

Here are some examples of texts that that people are getting:



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