How To Push Your Employees

(without pissing them off)

Good bosses push employees beyond their limits. Straight up. If you know someone is good at something, the best thing you can do for them is make them even better.

So how do you push them? Simple. The best way to push employees above their own means is to guilt them into it.

I know. It’s a weird answer. But I really mean it. And I can tell you why.

This doesn’t stray from my other beliefs on providing value and gaining leverage with people. The best way to obtain what you want from someone is to give them what they are working for first.

Everybody is driven by different things. We all have our own motivations, dreams, aspirations and beliefs. So first and foremost, before anything else, you need to use your ears and listen. You need to sit down with your employees and understand where they want to take their careers. What’s their ambition? What do they want to do with their life? By sitting down with people and actually listening, you’ll be able to set up your employees for success while also working to achieve the beneficially mutual goals at hand.

Also, it makes you a good boss. So there’s that.

Never think for a second that money drives all motivation. It’s simply not true. People are in the game for multiple reasons and the only way for you to understand that is to listen. Once you understand then you can set them up to be in a place for them to deliver.

The only way someone will over deliver for you is for you to attack their own selfishness. You may be selfish in asking for people to over-deliver for you, but the only way for that to be executed on is for you to over-deliver for them. The single best way to win is to provide for 51% of the relationship, forcing them to be good enough to deliver on the other 49%.

This is why people say a relationship is a two way street. It could not be more true for me, and it applies to your team. One hundred percent. Your employees will go above and beyond if you show them you are listening. I’ve done it for my own team, and I can tell you: it works.

Listen, deliver, and guilt them. Three steps to make one super motivated team. Done.

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