Our Kids Aren’t Using Too Much Tech. They’re Not Using Enough.

I don’t think kids are using too much tech.

In fact, I refuse to limit or restrict hours on a screen for my children.


Because it’s prepping them for the world that is going to exist. Straight up.

Let me back up a bit and explain what I mean. It’s really quite simple, actually. It’s all about evolution.

Children are growing up with technology. We are moving into a futuristic world. I think it’s great, of course. I definitely get a kick out of seeing Xander try to swipe everything. With the changing world, I want to make sure my kids are part of these cultural shifts. I want them to understand the technology they are going to be faced with daily. I especially want them to be up to date with tech since a lot will depend on it: schools, jobs, and even basic interaction with people.

The kids who are restricted to one hour a day of iPad or computer are going to overvalue technology. When they are making their own rules, they’re not going to know where the threshold is, where their limits are.

I know what some of you already saying. You’re saying, “What about getting outdoors? What about physical activities?” Am I right? I’m right.

Listen. I’m never going to be that dad that says “Get outside and play!”. Of course I want them to be healthy, but don’t forget that our kids are eating a hell of a lot better than any of us were. There are kale chips as snacks now. Kale chips. Can you imagine kale chips when you were younger? I sure as hell can’t. And kids aren’t just eating better. They’re getting better care too. Brushing your teeth more than once a day. Flossing. Regular checkups. These things are now the expected norm, and doctors advocate for them. Even the workout culture is a new phenomenon.

Plus, I said it here, and I will say it again: if your kid really wants to go outside and play football, she will go outside and play football. Technology hasn’t removed that option from her life. Football is still a thing, and it’s even more widely available now than ever before. And why is that?

Yep. Technology.

Kids may be less smart about facts and information because it’s all available at the touch of screen, but that will also make their interests and passions all the more available. They can learn anything they want from Wikipedia, see any country on GoogleMaps, and talk to other kids from around the world whenever they want. We’re creating passionate kids with interests and curiosity.

Bottom line is, I’m a “go with the flow” character. I’m fascinated by technology, and it is bettering me and my time. You can’t ignore it. I’m adjusting to the reality of how my kids adapt to it, and so should you.

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