Strike While the App is Hot

Where things are going is less important than where things are.

Why is there this constant need for people to predict whether something is going to be relevant in a year (or three or five) from now?

In this tweet Tyler is trying to tell me that I’m wrong and that somehow Snapchat is going to be like MySpace. What Tyler (and most small businesses and entrepreneurs) is missing is that I’m not worried about 2017( or 2014 which if he thinks Snapchat will be where Myspace is in 2014 well…..). What I’m worried about is reaching people and getting their attention this year: The year that I’m actually in.

Whether Snapchat falls off or not is totally fine by me. What I’m continually surprised about is how many people fail to realize that this is basically the same thing as modern-day hit TV shows. When a show is hot, you run ads on that show. When it falls off, you stop. At its height, Desperate Housewives was commanding a lot of advertising dollars because it was getting a lot of eyeballs. When fewer people were watching it there was less demand. That’s totally ok.

This notion of being crippled by investing your time because you’re worried something might disappear (did you see what I did there?) is 100% the wrong way to think about it.

What’s important is striking while the app is hot.

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