Super Bowl Ads Aren’t Expensive Enough

Gary Vaynerchuk
3 min readJan 29, 2015

It costs $9,000,000 a minute to get an ad on during the Super Bowl. That’s up $1,000,000 from last year and I still think it’s a steal. Yep. Super Bowl ads are underpriced.

Yeah, I said it. And I mean it. For what they get you, they are an enormous deal.

Think about it. You care about attention, right? The number one thing all marketers are looking for are eyes, viewers, people to see what they are up to, with the hope that those eyes turn into sales. The Super Bowl is one of the most sought after places to get that attention. This is no surprise. The “joke” that people only watch the Super Bowl for the ads is now an old one, something that people are happy to admit is entirely true. The attention on those commercials is overwhelming. And that ad space is pricey.

But not that pricey.

In the arbitrage of that ROI, when you compare a Super Bowl ad with an ad any other day on TV, the return on the Super Bowl ad is much higher. A traditional ad on TV any other time of the year may cost hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars. And it’s a huge waste. Why? Because everybody is DVRing. And when the commercial comes on, everybody picks up their phone. Everyone is scrolling through Instagram, checking their email, updating Facebook or watching their Snaps. Those ads are being ignored.

That’s why the Super Bowl ad space is so valuable. Because people are going to actually see it and consume it. Whatever they’re charging, it’s worth way more than spending the same (sometimes even more) on an ad no one is going to see. The eyes that will be on the screen might be worth closer to twenty million even.

See what I’m getting at? It’s all about meeting the consumer where they already are. This is why I preach social so much. They’re not watching TV commercials. Even if they’re streaming online, as soon as an ad pops up, they’re on Twitter or Instagram. Go there and make your brand known. The enormous exception to this is the Super Bowl. And that’s why I think these ads are an awesome deal. You’re pretty much guaranteeing that the 111.5 million people that watch the Super Bowl every year are going to see it (not to mention the multiple times they see it on the news leading up to the event, YouTube after the fact, and news outlets the week after).

Still think a Super Bowl ad is expensive?

The fact that watching a commercial is a sport in itself is being grossly underestimated.

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