The Business Model Behind The #AskGaryVee Show

It shocks me that so many people still fundamentally misunderstand YouTube. They look at my show, and they ask me things like “wait why aren’t you monetizing? Where’s the ROI? WHATS YOUR BUSINESS MODEL!?!?”

exposure = leverage

The business model behind The #AskGaryVee Show is pretty simple. It’s a 100% broad awareness game. I just want more exposure. Why? Because exposure is leverage, my friends.

I use The #AskGaryVee Show to show that I’ve got chops. The more people who know that I’m not just charisma, hyperbole, bullshit, and hype; the more people who know that I actually have depth the better off my brand is. It’s incredibly important. Look, I know that my personality might initially cause some people to think I have zero depth, so anything that puts me in a position to show off what I know and educate those people to the contrary is going to be massively, massively valuable to me.

So what does that leverage get me? A LOT. Let’s just take a look at the short term results:

So as you can see there is ENORMOUS ROI in putting out content. Just because I’m not slapping pre-roll ads on The #AskGaryVee Show doesn’t mean there is no business model. It just means that I do my business differently, and it’s an even more dramatic example of the fact that everybody should be putting out content. Putting out content is ALWAYS a good idea.

Let’s try an experiment: If you originally thought that I was just a bullshit huckster “marketing guru” and have since been won over by my content, I really, really want you to leave a comment here and tell me about it.

Family first! But after that, businessman. CEO of @vaynermedia. Host of #DailyVee & The #AskGaryVee Show. A dude who loves The Hustle @Winelibrary & the @NYJets

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