You should not use our artwork without asking or crediting.
Tess Kissinger

I sincerely apologize! However, I did take that photo myself, and before using it, I examined your website to see what your policy was on this page, which clearly says “Visitors to Carnegie Museums of Art and Natural History are encouraged to capture and share still photography for personal, noncommercial use. Only handheld cameras with attached standard flash equipment are allowed. No auxiliary flash, lighting equipment, or tripods are permitted.”

As my article is non-commercial, and I am not a professional journalist or writing for a news publication, and your site encouraged me to share still photography, I felt that my use fit within your guidelines. No mention was made of any requirement to inform the museum or request permission except at the bottom for commercial use, which this clearly is not.

If this is not the case, please let me know what I can do to make this right. I was a long-time patron member of the museum while I was a Pittsburgh resident, love the collection, and even licensed one of the museum’s Miro paintings for the cover of the instruction manual of my first commercial software product.

I can surely give credit, or remove the masthead photo and replace it. Please advise.

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