Engineers are driven by customers not business bottom lines

Confusion about what really matters (and in some cases, lack of motivation) occurs when there is not clarity of purpose. For example, if you get assigned a task to make a particular action 20% more efficient, would you be motivated to get up every morning and pour your energy and passion into that task? If something went wrong, would you be willing to skip a dinner with friends, heat up some instant ramen, stay up late and figure it out? I wouldn’t. I don’t really get motivated by numbers, charts, or the abstract concept of optimizing efficiency.

But if you told me, Hey, if you make this action 20% more efficient, the 50 million people who use this service will spend 5 seconds less staring at a loading screen as they wait for their information to load, I’m suddenly a lot more motivated. Doubly so if I myself have experienced the irritation of what it’s like to wait that additional 5 seconds.

Tags: Startup Learning, Entrepreneurship, Startup Life
 Created at April 17, 2016 at 06:08PM
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