Do You Need Air Conditioning Experts to Replace Your AC Condenser?

Here in Australia, we all need effective air conditioning to keep our homes comfortable and our businesses working. When our AC systems fail it can cause a lot of disruption, and a speedy repair is very desirable. One of the parts that fails most often on an AC system is the condenser, and the system simply cannot work without it. The decision on whether to repair or replace the condenser coil is a judgement call that should be made with advice from an AC technician. Let’s take a closer look at some of the issues involved and the economics of the situation.

How Does the Condenser Work?

The exterior condenser is the part of the AC system that releases the heat gathered in your home outside. Your AC system doesn’t create cool air, it actually absorbs and releases heat. This is achieved by using refrigerant to absorb heat as it passes across an internal coil and then releases it as it condenses across the exterior coil. If you’ve ever touched the outer panels surrounding your AC unit when it is being used, you will have noticed that it is warm to the touch. This is where the heat is finally dissipated into the surrounding air, the refrigerant is then cycled back into the home. The process is repeated.

Identifying a Defective Condenser Unit:

If you experience a loss in cooling and an increase in your energy bills your AC condenser could be the cause. It may be the case that the condenser unit can be repaired or a replacement may be necessary. If the problem is a recurring one, there may be an underlying issue that needs to be addressed. Even the best air conditioning company cannot fix an old failing AC system indefinitely, and a replacement AC system may be needed. However, this is a rarity unless the system is quite old and there may be a fix that could surprise you.

A Newer Condenser Unit Could be Causing the Problem:

If you’ve had a new condenser fitted recently to your older AC system it may be the cause of the problem. When older components are mixed with newer technology, they can be mismatched leading to components failing. The condenser unit could cost even more than a new AC system when you consider labour costs and the possibility of failure due to mismatched equipment. If your AC system fails frequently and is 10–15 years old a newer more energy efficient AC system would be a better way to spend your money.

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