7 aspects of boiler care you cannot ignore

No matter if your boiler is old, soon to be replaced or brand new, one thing is for sure:

It is necessary to take care of and maintain the boiler. How can you ensure that your boiler lasts for years to come?

  • Annual servicing — this aspect tops all lists of boiler servicing recommendations. Servicing yearly guarantees that your boiler will run as efficiently as possible. Several maintenance services are included in such annual check. All of them are very important and should not be overlooked. You would not want to find yourself under a cold stream of water all of a sudden, would you? Then get an engineer to inspect the boiler every year and fix potential issues.
  • Clearing clutter away from the boiler — a happy boiler is one that is kept well-ventilated. To ensure this, you have to remove the clutter from the boiler. All too often you may fill the cupboard of the boiler with coats or bags, leaving no free space inside. If you do not know whether space is enough, ask your plumber and they will lend some knowledge.
  • Bleeding radiators — actually this falls under the category of radiator maintenance, but do not forget that it also affects your boiler. If heaters are having problems, your boiler will too. Bleeding radiators is easy enough for you to deal with on your own — as long as there is no other servicing included. Just open the valve and let out the trapped air.
  • Power Flushing radiators — another radiator service that can significantly benefit your boiler. If your boiler has become too noisy, this could mean it is time to power flush. In essence, this means deep cleaning the entire system from all of the sludge and debris that settle in radiators, boilers, and pipes. Such impurities can prevent the devices from working properly.
  • Get a carbon monoxide detector — faulty boilers are no joke. The health risk for you and your family is real. Among the dangers of damaged boilers is a carbon monoxide leak. Keeping a detector and an alarm next to your boiler goes a long way in early detection and prevention of potential breakdowns.
  • Inspect boiler pressure — how your boiler performs mostly depends on the pressure it maintains. If your boiler is losing pressure over time, it can decrease its efficiency. How often you top up the pressure is mostly on a matter of the type of boiler you have, while checking the gauge every few months is needed to ensure you can spot
  • Boiler cleaning — like pretty much any other object of your home, the boiler collects dust. Avoiding a significant buildup of soil is essential for keeping the boiler running at full capacity. Cleaning the inside of the boiler is best done by a professional.

If you take note of all these factors, you can be sure that your boiler is going to last longer. Stay on top of your boiler servicing needs, and you will protect it for years to come.

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