Assignment in IT Specialization Course 1

  1. Read the report “2015 Pulse of the Profession. Capturing the Value of Project Management” by PMI mentioned in the What Went Right section, page 194 of the 8th Edition of the book. Summarize the key points on this study and your opinion of it. Describe some specific steps organization can take to provide a supportive culture for project management.

From the book ‘2015 Pulse of the Profession. Capturing the Value of Project Management” it is mentioned that they are focusing on these three main fundamental aspects. These are the following:

• Culture: High-performing organizations fully understand the value of project management and are creating a project management mindset.

• Talent: High-performing organizations are significantly more likely to focus on talent management, establishing ongoing training, and formal, effective knowledge transfer. This is especially important in project management, where technical skills are enhanced by the leadership and strategic and business management capabilities that are nurtured through experience.

•Process: High-performing organizations support project, program, and portfolio management though standardized practices and by aligning projects and programs to the organization’s strategy.


  • Greater knowledge transfer effectiveness
  • More rigorous use risk management practices
  • More frequent use of agile/incremental/iterative project management practices
  • Higher benefits realization maturity

2. Perform a financial analysis for a project using the format provided in the book (IT Project Management, Revised 6e). Assume that the projected costs and benefits for this project are spread over four years as follows: Estimated costs are $200,000 in Year 1 and $30,000 each year in Years 2, 3, and 4. Estimated benefits are $0 in Year 1 and $100,000 each year in Years 2, 3, and 4. Use a 9 percent discount rate, and round the discount factors to two decimal places. Create a spreadsheet or use the business case financials template on the companion Web site to calculate and clearly display the NPV, ROI, and year in which payback occurs. In addition, write a paragraph explaining whether you would recommend investing in this project, based on your financial analysis.

Financial Analysis

3. Develop an outline (major heading and subheading only) for a project management plan to create a Web Site for your class, and then dill in the details for the introduction or overview section. Assume that this Web site would include home page with links to a syllabus for the class, lecture notes or other instructional information, links to the Web site for the books that we are using in the class, links to other Web sites and all links to personal pages for each member of your class and future classmates. Also, include a bulletin board and chat room feature where students and the instructor can exchange information. Assume your instructor is the project’s sponsor, you are the project manager, your classmates are your project team and you have three months to complete the project.

1.0 Homepage

1.1 Syllabus

2.0 Lecture

2.1 Bo0ks

2.2 Instructional Materials

2.3 PDF


3.1 OLD

3.2 NEW





6.0 HOME

4. Write a short paper based on the chapter’s opening case. Answer the following questions (Information Technology Project Management, 7e, page 140, Opening Case):

a. What do you think the real problem was in this case?

In my opinion, the main problem in this case is that Nick Carson doesn’t come up with a plan because he’s not the project manager in the first place, he was the software developer. After the top management assigned him to a higher position, there were backlogs from the old project manager, so when Nick Carson took the responsibility he don’t know where to start because he is not used to his new position. He faced some adjustments and maybe these adjustments led him to his failure in meeting the top management’s expectations.

b. Does the case present a realistic scenario? Why or why not?

Yes. Until now there are still cases like these. Situations like these still happen especially in a major company where some of the employees resign in their respective positions for some purposes and so the remained employees are promoted to a higher position but then they will train themselves to learn the responsibilities or duties of that employee. Because it is not easy for them to adjust, they cannot perform their duty well until additional duties come and still they can’t focus because they are not used to it.

c. Was Nick Carson a good project manager? Why or why not?

No, because he was not able to perform well his duties, he didn’t focus on the major problems of the project, and because of this he did not met the expectations of the top management.

d. What should top management have done to help Nick?

They should’ve trained Nick before they assigned him to a new position. They should’ve provided Nick the ideas on hoe to do the work of a project manager.

e. What could Nick have done to be a better project manager?

He should’ve done planning.

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