Free — is truth.

Like a light that pass in the glass, you saw through me, you exploited me and you criminalized me.

Your words still hurts like a knife straight in the heart and the woods have taken long to heal. But I have get to move on with my beautiful imperfection. Living behind my guilt, my shame and my regrets… don’t try to pull me down again.

I’m stronger now, I have realized —
The expression ‘love is blind’ resounds every time, I get reminded that I believed that we could have moved mountains together. It resounds in every picture of you I see, in every memory of you that cross my mind… what was I thinking?

I said I will never fall in again but I know better: It is not the love that is blind. Nop! Love isn’t not blind instead it is the reality denied, the truth ignored, the signs misinterpreted, the flaws masked…
You fuck in denial; you love in denial; you do all trying to make ourself believe that she is nice, caring, passionate. You want to believe that he will stay after the sex; that he will smile into your eyes after he comes inside you.

Through your denial, you miss the little red flags that show you who he really is, the little alerts telling you not to fall deep for this one..but you still fuck in denial!
And then you think you knew the truth? What could it be? the one telling you she didn’t love you? or the one telling you he did love you but he just couldn’t risk both your lives just to be together?
And you wonder what truth is? what is real and what is not?. Either way you might not like what you hear. But it doesn’t make it any less true.

Truth is a battle of perception. We only see what we are ready to confront or accept. 
Truth is a reality, you should accept and learn to live with! I might not like the truth and I might not accept it, I might even try to fight it and sometimes it will make me stay in my bed longer just so I don’t face it. And, sometimes I will even try to run away from it, but no matter what, i shall rise.

In the process people will perceive you differently.

Just like the muslim women in a black burka is branded as ‘an Islamist’ for trying to hide from men staring at her like an alien, finding protection in her clothes and respect. Or the woman with make-up, 12 inch heels branded as ‘modern woman’ is trying to hide her slap marks, her flaws in the face or her real height size. Everyone will have a perception of you.
Few will ask you what is going on truly. But I still believe I will meet one!