#Kwibuka In The Stillness

- with Samantha magic.

In the stillness of the night,
Loneliness strikes me like an

old friend — I look into the stars,
Only to be reminded again, 
And so I embrace them,

I find solace in my memories.

You were young, we laughed, we played

We were loved by our parents, 
How can I forget?

In the middle of the day - Hunters enjoying the hunt,

We were frightened, shaking like leaves in the wind,

“You are beautiful’’ they said,

You begged for your life in vain.
Mother swimming in a pool of blood with pain,

Just to take a last look at her baby.

Priceless was a blessing of instead death, While condemned to a short life,

Call it Irony; I call it reality when no-one cares.

Rwanda abandoned at her darkest hour,
But then again to/for whom should we have cried?
The one who divided Rwandans into ‘Us’ and ‘Them’?
The one who encouraged the ideology of superiority?

The arms and machetes dealers?

Day broke into darkness, 100 days of blind ignorance

And Dallaire shoke hands with the evil.

Ordinary people chose to care.

They took a stand, they saved lives even

While they lost theirs.

They restored my faith in Ubumuntu- Humanity.

We were left to tell, left to heal, left to live a better life.

We are here to bear witness, 
We are here to remember and to forgive —a better way to heal, 
We are here to unite and reconcile - for a better Rwanda.

We are here in defiance to those who still want history

To repeat and to see us trapped in sorrow, tell them that they will fail.

We are here driven by change, powered by our conviction and

determination to be Rwandans with dignity — agaciro.

We seek truth, we stand for what is right, strive to be fair, and thrive.

We are Resilient,

We mean “never again” because we have to be better for

those loved one who are not with us and to protect others.