My Words Are Mine, My Only Love Is You

I had dream, was happy than I never been.
Now I’m confused thorned between an idea and reality.
You see, I keep loosing my ways, and always hope you will be there at the very end…
You are always in my thoughts, every piece I pen has pigments of you.

I know, I’m just an artist who lives in utopian world, I have nothing else to sell other than my dreams.

I don’t expect you to understand it now but I do hope, one day you will.

I bring words everywhere, doesn’t matter the nature,
I’m home everywhere without a true place.

My words are mine, my only love is you.

My spoken- word on the wall,

Always led me to north,

There, I can only expect the light,

If every piece I pen has a pigment of you. It is because, here or there endlessly everything points at you.

I said ‘my words are mine, my only love is you’

Today like yesterday, you feel like home. And my utopian thoughts long for you.

My spoken-words on wall,

I can only dream to be read, and not understood.

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