Good Movies, Bad News: Part 1 — Mrs. Doubtfire

There are so many feel good, charming movies out there we know and love. But if we peel back the layers on some of them, we might find a not-so charming story. A story if we read about it in a newspaper or saw it reported on TV, we’d cringe.

Yep, I’m about to ruin some of our all-time favorite films.

It’s Good Movies, Bad News.

Part 1: Mrs. Doubtfire

She’s not crazy, he’s my housekeeper.

*minor spoilers follow*

Synopsis: man dresses as old woman to be closer to kids.

Real Life: I’m a big fan of Robin Williams, from his stand-up to his movie career. But there’s something about the plot of Mrs. Doubtfire that is a smidge disturbing.

Man fired from job, wants to be near kids after divorce….

Totally understandable and relatable that he wants to remain a good father and role model….

…So Man dresses up as woman (elderly woman!) to be close.

…Wait, what? Was that the best option? It took masquerading as an elderly nanny to turn your life around, to prove you’re a good father? It’s clear this suits his talents as an actor and voice impressionist, but…no. They do touch on how crazy this sounds in the movie in the final courtroom scene, but it’s truly not explored. Don’t forget, besides the dressing as a woman part, he basically tried to kill his ex-wife’s boyfriend (yes, he tried to save him, but he purposefully put the thing he was allergic to in his food).

This story would have started locally on a San Francisco newspaper site and blown up nationally. TMZ would have done a follow-up with exclusive nanny-cam footage from the home of the father going to the bathroom or undressing. While some people would have vouched for his good intentions, it would have caused such a viral sensation, it would lead to more people dressing up as the opposite gender to try this. Somehow, it would get political, involve the controversial Bathroom/Transgender Law. The father wouldn’t go to jail, but would be sent to an institution.

Coming up in Part 2…We stay in the 90s and go back to school…way back.

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