Three Common Bad Habits We Need to Correct

Simple to Make, Easier to Fix

We all want the same things in this world: peace, success, happiness. How can we evolve without mastering basics, like cleaning up after ourselves? Basics, that’s what these are. It’s time to improve. If more people show they care, then that will have a residual effect on others.

Taking up Parking Spots

The lines are there for a reason. It’s simple. One car per spot. We’ve all seen the person who took up more than one. Which means either they parked and didn’t look, or did notice, but could care less. Because that would mean getting back in the car and fixing it. Who has time for that?

Doesn’t take a lot of time to line up evenly. And some of you are probably thinking Well, I have a big truck, what am I supposed to do? First, no one told you buy a big truck. Secondly, you can still fit in a spot, or park in a field. Don’t ruin it for other people.

Shopping Carts

I was once sitting in my car at a Target parking lot, right across from one of those parking cart slots. I saw an empty spot with a shopping cart in it. A car pulls up. Now, most of us would have just moved to a completely empty spot. A select few would actually get out and move the cart. The people in this car? They chose Option C: They pulled into the spot and nudged the cart with their car until it was completely out of the area.

Another time I saw a guy push a cart into the drop off and walked to his car. But the drop off was on an incline and the cart rolled back into the middle of the street. The guy saw this happen, and he just walked back to his car.

I can’t believe this is still a problem. We leave shopping carts out because I don’t know why. They have return areas for a reason, so you don’t have to go back into the store. So, what’s the issue? It really drives me crazy to see all these carts strewn across the parking lot, sometimes perched onto a curb like an island of lonely carts.

The excuse that the workers will do it, that doesn’t fly. Yes, they have to bring them in, but from these designated slots. A buddy of mine once worked at Publix and he told me going around grabbing those carts wasn’t part of their job but had to become their job because people are lazy.

We’re in the 21st century. There is no rationale behind just leaving them around for someone else to deal with.

Cleaning Up After Dogs

It’s funny how my apartment complex provides doggie pick up stations, complete with bags, and people still can’t clean up after them. This is another example of Why. As in, why is this such a big deal? Dog bags avoid any mess you must have on your hands. Worst case, you wash your hands after.

You see signs everywhere nowadays: Clean Up After Your Pets. Clear as day. What most people see is someone telling them what to do, and they don’t appreciate it. Or they read it as “Oh, that’s for other people, not me. No one will know I didn’t clean up. No detectives to track down the perpetrators.

Pets are responsibilities, so is cleaning up after yourself. Fact of life, we all have to deal with it. Takes seconds to pick up after a dog. If that’s too much time, then I don’t know what to tell you. You lead an incredibly busy life.

Sure, this is essentially a rant, but it’s not coming from a vindictive place. It’s a shout out, a plea, a declaration for people to be better, to fix something very simple and very easy common mistakes. A little goes a long way. We’re better than this. And if anyone is offended by this article, ask yourself “Why?”

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