First class versus first class personality

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I was going through the messages in one of my several Whatsapp group and I stumble over this beautiful piece I am happy to bring it you. I am very sure you going to like it. It is attributed to a certain professor in Ghana name Prof. Abletor Sedofia from the University of Ghana. Education does not end in the four walls of a classroom. it can be a spontaneous activity.

Hardly do first class graduates become first class personality While in University; we often spend too much energy in acquiring good grades that we forget to acquire good class personality.

After concentrating all energy in acquiring the first class grades, we transform into a society where first class grades dont matter much as having a first class personality. In school, its easy to read, memorize and pass exams, but in real life, there is no sure book of life to progress, no memorizing, no exams, just you and your inbuilt capability which require no contest with anybody.

Those who eventually become big in life are mostly people who hardly make good grades in school

Academic excellence is overrated! I said it. Being top of your class does not necessarily guarantee that you will be at the top of life. You could graduate as the best student in Finance but it doesn’t mean you will make more money than everybody else. The best graduating Law student does not necessarily become the best lawyer.

The fact is life requires more than the ability to understand a concept, memorise it and reproduce it in an exam. School rewards people for their memory. Life rewards people for their imagination.

School rewards caution, life rewards daring. School hails those who live by the rules.

Life exalts those who break the rules and set new ones. So do I mean people shouldn’t study hard in school? Oh, no, you should. But don’t sacrifice every other thing on the altar of First Class.

Don’t limit yourself to the classroom. Do something practical. Take a leadership position. Start a business and fail. That’s a better Entrepreneurship 101.Join or start a club. Contest an election and lose. It will teach you something Political Science 101 will not teach you.

Attend a seminar. Read books outside the scope of your course. Go on missions and win a soul for eternal rewards…

Do something you believe in! Think less of becoming an excellent student but think more of becoming an excellent person. Make the world your classroom.

I hope you are inspired by this short but rich piece. Start something you believe in dont worry about failure experience: could worth more than a million dollar.

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Originally published at on August 4, 2016.

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