Probably one of the most straightforward form systems available for free for building complex Flutter form with only a few lines of code.

Here is the easiest way to manage your app’s connectivity using Flutter and the Connectivity package!

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The Connectivity Package.

Coming from the web world, Flutter is the framework that changed my mind about mobile development! I believe that it is great and that it has a future full of promises!

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How it all started

Dart is a single thread language, which means it works in a single execution thread! This can be a huge issue when you perform time-consuming tasks. For instance, when you create an application (with Flutter ❤), you do not want it to freeze when you make a request to your server (unless you do not like your users). Therefore, Dart implements Future objects.

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Gaspard Merten

Engineering student and IT enthusiast. I developed many softwares for various startups and well-established companies, thus further enhancing my Flutter skills.

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