WOom: How to diversify your experiences ?

This is a question you probably asked yourself several times. At WOom, we do it a lot, and the last time we did it was when Guillaume, Claire and Gaspard ended up going to McDonalds on a Sunday instead of eating a brunch as they initially had planned it.

Why did they not go into a fancy restaurant? It is simple: they had too much information that they did not trust, as it was from strangers. Just to check up information on the internet, and 30 minutes had already passed by! Frustrated, starved, they ended up going to the place they knew the most: McDonalds.

The day after, Woom was born: no more frustration, WOom would be the place where you share your great findings with your friends! WOom would become your source of inspiration, as you trust you friend to keep you wired on good tips. To sum it up: WOom is the digital version of the WOrd-Of-Mouth.

Try to picture Barbara. She’s 29 years old and a dynamic young executive. She’s been in a relationship with Ringo for 3 years, and just arrived in Paris for her job. Her enthusiasm and curiosity drive her into trying new things, particularly culture and cinema related activities. For those reasons she is very excited to be in Paris, yet a bit taken aback by the wide variety of choice offered to her: she doesn’t know where to start and who to trust, especially for the times when Ringo will come visit her.

For sure you know someone like Barbara. So do we, and she is our main target. Indeed, as a dynamic young executive, money is not an issue, but she really hates to lose her time, especially losing it while trying to figure out what to do during the few moments she has for herself.

How did Barbara become aware of Woom? She simply saw on her Facebook newsfeed that her sister Lucy, whom she is very close with, liked the Woom page. The aestheticism of the pictures caught her attention: she went on surfing on the Woom page, and ended up liking it to and downloading the application.

Why will she stay on Woom ? Barbara appreciates the fact that all experiences she finds on the app can be stocked. She also likes to share her activities with a selected few people and plan her evening with others.


How are we going to be sure that Barbara’s friends will be willing to join WOom and share their experience?

We’ve found our Bible: Traction How Any Startup Can Achieve Explosive Customer Growth.Traction has given us a clear idea on how to get traction for WOom.

From the different channels proposed by the book, we have analysed those which would really be relevant for WOom at its early stage.

Let us give you an example: Traction emphasizes of course on Sales, and by Sales, we are talking about the process of generating leads, qualifying them, and converting them into paying customers. Thus, as you may have understood, it is not WOom’s goal so far. Let’s keep this channel in the back of our minds for later on…

Although, Traction has given us key ways to insert WOom into people’s habits. Through SEM (Search Engine Marketing), we now have a mean to make WOom shine on Google search, and thus increase its recognition.

Viral Marketing is another brilliant way to attract customers. Tease them, make them wonder about your product through short, entertaining videos for instance, and be assured that you will tickle their curiosity! As for WOom’s? Wait for it… it’s on its way!

Eventually, not to mention Content Marketing (through Wordpress) or Social and Display Ads (see below), Email Marketing is a cheap and probably the most efficient way to access your future customers.

Indeed, it enables you directly spread a commercial message to a group of people using email. There are many advantages to Email Marketing, among them the ability to track the exact ROI (Return On Investment) since it provides precise data such as the click through or open rates.

These are the channels we have chosen to focus our efforts on for the time being!

630 followers on Facebook

Today, the Woom facebook page counts more than 630 fans.

We launched this page nearly two weeks ago and made it public the 8th of October.

But how did we get so much fans, starting from scratch ? We followed several steps in order to 1/Attract people, and 2/to retain these people and to make interest growing towards the Woom project.

The first step was to create content, in order to allow the fans to have something to see.

A 1 minute video explaining the WOom concept was created, photos were uploaded, general information about WOom and… most of all, a live example of the WOom ingeniosity : Recommendations, like people could see it on their future app. We made several albums to cope with each theme available on the app : WOom Family, WOom Duo, WOom Sweetlife, etc., and uploaded corresponding Experience-pictures to fit in. That way, we were able to allow the fans to enter the WOom experience.

Once the content uploaded and the facebook page lively composed, we were able to launch it. Each member of the WOom team (that means : Guillaume, Claire, Gaspard, Olga, Ségolène, Léa) posted a facebook post on their facebook feed to share it with friends.

That was a success !

35 minutes later, we already had 200 likes. 6 hours later, we were reaching the 500. The next day, we had 600 likes. And since then, it increases. More slowly, of course, but it’s growing.

Thus, we were able to know a bit more about our potential customers and targets. The most interested people are aged between 18 and 35 years old. This type of segment often owns a smartphone and is ultra connected. The 18–25 segment, which is most composed of students, has a typology that leads them to often move from one city to another, which could be a good basis to orientate our recommendations and app : They will be interested in knowing new activities, joining people, and participate to the network in order to make their integration easier when they are confronted with a new environment.

The second segment, which is the 25–34 segment, is often more in a stable routine and wants to diversify their activities, joining new groups of interest, discovering something new that could dynamize their everyday life. They often are in the early years of starting a family. Their interest subjects are wide and they are most of the time open minded about changes.

As an indication, here is a close up on the 5 last publications on the WOom newsfeed. The video is largely appreciated, but we want to make it even shorter in order to engage more people to look at it entirely. On 868 people that launched the video, only 324 watched it for more than 30 seconds.

To finish, we now have to continue to entertain the fan page in order to make this number grow. We decided to get them used to the type of experience pictures and upload weekly 10 of the best experiences proposed by our community. They are published in an album called “WOom hebdo” : A selection of the best recommandations weekly.

What’s next ?

Thanks to this preliminary work, especially with our with our young community, we will focus on the following steps :

  • We will write the media plan the next month,
  • We will get in touch with a sample of 10 followers to best determine their expectations. We want to interact with our real “personas”.
  • We will work continuously with the development team of the application in order to adapt our service to the requirements of our early adopters.

Woom is still very young, but this first contact with our future customers will allow us to reduce risks, keep on what it works and quickly pivot if it’s necessary.