OK, let’s just take a surface look at this nonsense.

Theresa Gasper
Aug 27 · 2 min read

August 29, 2019: Those corporations have plants and facilities in China that they no longer have here, do they just move them back? Do we suddenly renovate their abandoned factories or build ones that never existed here with a sprinkling of magic fairy dust and a wave of the magic wand?

We are supposedly at 3.7% unemployment, where are the workers going to come from? China?

Oh, then I guess we need to take a look at our immigration policies because they don’t look like most Americans and by Trump-land’s standards, would not be welcomed here.

Even if they were, have you seen #AmericanFactory? Blending cultures and their work ethic isn’t easy.

If Trump wants this to happen, let’s start with his ties. Let him lead by example. Well, technically he leads by example now but it’s like a Barenstein Bears book “this is what you should NOT do, now let this be a lesson to you.”

THIS is the primary reason why the concept of running the government like a business doesn’t work. Our government has a system of checks & balances, and as much as it pains us, they are meant to slow things down so Members of Congress or the Administration don’t make rash decisions.

It’s ok to apply business techniques to improve productivity and efficiency, but corporations serve their shareholders and government serves the people.

No one person, not even the POTUS, gets to make rash declarations that violate the Constitution. Well, that’s how it used to be. Apparently rules no longer matter.

Theresa Gasper

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Lover of Dayton, photography, writing and my brand new grand baby, Fiona. Former Democratic candidate for US House of Reps, OH10.

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