Don’t Let the Gadget Drains You

It was 4 o’clock in the afternoon when my city shifted into its busy hour. There’s one thing attract my attention when I take the bus on my way home that time: many people tilt their head down to see their gadgets, even for hours in a moving vehicle.

Welcome to the gadget era. Developing technologies make people easier to gain information from the screen, but it tend to lessen the amount of “gadget-off” activities.

Have you ever felt eye discomfort, headache, blurred vision, neck pain, dry eye, and fatigue after long hours in front of your gadget? If yes, you most likely suffer from computer vision syndrome (CVS).

Researchers said that 50–90% office workers experienced CVS. CVS is one of the main disorder among adult and children nowadays. CVS can reduce our productivity.

Unfortunately, daily activities currently force us to keep in front of our gadget. Works and tasks have to be finished in computer, contact and chit chat mostly happened in virtual world. These gadget-related-behavior make us prone to experience CVS.

So, how to keep us away from CVS and the other gadget-related-problems? Take a look in these simple habits.

  1. Make a distance with the screen. Place your gadget in appropriate distance from your eye, at least 18 inches. Most people do not realize that they are just separated 8 inches away from their gadget. Eyes’ muscles will work harder when we see the nearer object.
  2. Follow the 20–20–20 rule. Start to take a break from looking at the gadget every 20 minutes, for 20 seconds, by looking as far as 20 feet away. This allow your eyes’ muscle to relax.
  3. Adjust the brightness of your gadget. Set the brightness equal as the light level surrounding you. It will enhance the contrast and support your eyes in focusing of what you see.
  4. Avoid glare on your screen. Reflective glare is annoying. You can reduce it simply by screen glare filter. Simpler way, just position the screen properly to avoid glare from overhead lighting or windows.
  5. Don’t forget to blink. Studies reported that people staring at the screen tend to blink half less than normal. In fact, blinking is important because it moisten the eyes’ surface and keep our eyes away from drying or irritating.
  6. Stretch regularly. Stretching will increase the blood flow, let the oxygen transported sufficiently, and relieve the muscle fatigue. You can stretch your muscle from your seat every 10 minutes. Better add this with a short walk every 30 minutes to sip some water to drink. This habit also reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
  7. Connect with the surroundings. Unfortunately, people these days trapped in their gadget while there’s so much more useful thing to do to kill time. Instead of scrolling instagram feed, strike a conversation with people in the car. Instead of refreshing facebook home, make some new friends in a long queue. Try this and you’ll gain more advantages more than you expect.