by Jean-Louis Gassée

Why did Apple give Verizon’s CEO so much airtime during the iPhone 12 introduction last week? Was it a mere tactical advertising transaction, or does Apple have more strategic aim?

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There is much to praise in “Hi,Speed”, Apple’s coming out party for the iPhone 12 on October 13th. As always, and perhaps better than before, new products were well served by imaginative staging and superb video production. Before the main attraction, the HomePod mini opening act provided surprisingly rich food for thought regarding Apple’s Home, Intelligent Assistant, and Music strategies. All this for a diminutive $99 device.

But the HomePod was quickly eclipsed by the presentation of the eagerly awaited iPhone 12. On the surface, Apple’s new smartphone line looks promising: A significantly faster and more capable A14 processor; an updated, cleaner design; a shrewd escalation of hardware and software across the four new models, from the iPhone 12 mini (“The world’s smallest, thinnest, lightest 5G phone”) to the fully equipped iPhone 12 Pro Max aimed at serious photographers and video makers.

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