6 stories of success: inspiring startups

In the restaurant industry, be on the top is more difficult than anywhere else. But it does not mean that new players are not welcome here. Here sre 6 start-ups, which already became famous and reached a certain level of success.

Honest cuisine

The restaurant “Honest cuisine” was opened in 2012 by Sergey Eroshenko in Moscow. He became both the owner and the chef. This place quickly gained popularity thanks to the unusual national menu and the competent approach of the chef to the choosing of ingredients. The restaurant has a cozy casual atmosphere, and the dishes are made in a home style. And everything, including ingredients of its own “production”. For example, here you can try dishes from elk, venison and wild boar, and also try unusual drinks: whiskey on chokeberry with chili and viburnum on cognac with honey. “Honest cuisine” is the choice for those who appreciate interesting dishes with Russian accents, and do not want to overpay for pathos and sophistication. Originality, quality, reasonable prices — this combination of the success of the restaurant.

AC / DC in Tbilisi

Another proof that consumer loves traditional cuisine in a new way is the AC / DC project in Tbilisi. Sounds unusual? So it is: it’s author’s fast food in the Georgian way. American dishes with atypical ingredients such as suluguni cheese, fried eggplant and Svan salt and pomegranate sauce “Narsharab” are served here. They put satsivi in the sandwiches instead of a simple chicken fillet. If you come to AC / DC in Tbilisi, you should definitely try the “Gogi-burger”, with Suluguni, Adzhika, Reichan, tomatoes and, finally, beef marinated with hops-suneli. Instead of Coca-Cola, a home-grown tarragon is served. Perhaps the main factor in the success of the AC / DC place in Tbilisi was the original idea: where else will you find a combination of Georgian and American cuisines?

House of Bread

The chain of mini bakeries House of Bread was founded in 1996, and today includes 10 establishments in California, Minnesota, Arizona, Louisiana and Washington. Business owner Sheila McCann believes that it is very important to find a good place for the restaurant and bona fide tenants of the premises. “When I opened my first House of Bread, I had to compete with large corporations, and few believed in my success. I was the only woman developing a bakery, and my project was not interesting for tenants. “

To overcome this obstacle, McCann organized a small self-presentation: she baked bread and biscuits according to her original recipe and treated owners of other businesses that collaborated with the tenant who was interested in it. “I asked them to put in a word for me, and it worked.” Once upon a time colleagues in the workshop helped her, saying: “If you do not know how to sell bread, you can not bake it.” McCann invested in what helped raise sales: high-quality packaging, interior space, expensive kitchen fittings.

The business lady gives the following advice: “Do not accept refusals and be more persistent”, “Focus on quality, because industry giants benefit only at the expense of quantity.”


Quite often successful restaurant startups are organized by people who come to the industry from completely different spheres (designers, managers, translators, etc.). So did the marketing expert Andrei Gusev, engaged in advertising. “I always dreamed of opening a small bar or cafe, but this requires experience and serious investment. Street food provides an opportunity to start your business without significant investment and gain experience gradually. “ He and his friend chose an unusual niche and launched the brand Punshmeister. They sell hot soft drinks in the autumn and winter and lemonades in the summer. And this is not just cocoa and tea, but non-traditional seasonal drinks to go (which you can take with you). Now Andrew and his partner are planning to open a stationary point, and we are more than sure that they will succeed!

Zao Noodle Bar

The restaurant of Pan-Asian cuisine Zao Noodle Bar is represented by more than six establishments in the USA and offers visitors dishes of Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Vietnamese cuisines. Its owner Adam Villner invested $ 500,000 in 1996, and now the sales volume exceeds $ 7 million. One of the main difficulties he faced was not only a suitable place, but also a choice of good employees.

Nine months after the opening, Adam Villner realized that managing a restaurant always involves unforeseen difficulties, but it does not mean that you should not plan everything in advance. “It’s easy to deal with one or two problems, but you can not overcome everything at once. That’s why you need a Plan B. “

The businessman advises restaurateurs to pay more attention to customers, listen to them and try to offer them the perfect product. “Restaurant business needs to be loved, only then you will have the zeal and the strength to cope with the difficulties,” says Adam Villner.

Raising Cane’s

At first sight, it was not the most promising idea to serve exclusively chicken nuggets. So did banks, when they refused Todd Graves in credit. Then he earned his starting capital of $ 90,000, working 12 hours a day for several months in a row. It was very impressing: if a person believes so in his business and puts it all one hundred percent, success is assured. Banks allocated Graves another $ 50,000, and he did not disappoint their expectations. In 2004, Raising Cane’s turnover was $ 33 million. Now the chain has more than 20 places in several states of America.

What made it successful? According to Todd Graves, he was helped by strong dedication to his cause and perseverance in achieving the goal. “Concentrate on the process instead of the result. Love the restaurant business if you want to do it professionally. Anyone can copy the concept of the restaurant. But your passion for your business and the constant contribution to it — this is what sets you apart from your competitors, and will certainly pay off, “says Graves.

There is no universal recipe for success, each start-up is unique in its own way. Someone manages to build their own business on an original idea, and someone wants to overtake competitors due to their dedication to their work and remarkable perseverance. Nevertheless, anyone who sincerely believes in the success of their project can compete for a leading position in the restaurant industry.


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