New site for a new brand.

Hello for everyone who read this!

At the very beginning, we want to mention, that at the end of March our project has changed its naming and goals. Purpose for that was written in the previous article on Medium. If someone haven’t read our last article about the future of the project and it’s changes on Medium, please read it.

Short summary of the article above:
We have changed our naming and conception: eWaiter transformed into Gastery — an entire platform for HoReCa industry. Gastery is a little bit greater the a simple service. Gastery includes a web-portal for the restaurants, has module structure of functionality, so each restaurant could customize it for individual needs.

Last month all the team was focused on the development and promoting the app — the goal for which we were collecting tokens during pre-SALE. We were developing our app and soon you will see the result. 
During last month we have found a lot of restaurants which are ready to become clients of our platform and in few weeks our team is going to finish alpha-testing of the app.

Part of collected from pre-SALE money gone to the marketing agency, which we hired to helped us to renew the ICO web-site and white-paper.

You can see a new version of the web-site by the link below:

All accounts were transferred to the new site, so you can use your old pass and login, or you can reset it in case if you’ve forgotten it. 
Please, check, that all accounts are working and you have access to it.

Unfortunately, due to technical reasons, we haven’t translated the new version of white paper into English yet, so we are going to introduce a new vision of our project a little bit later. 
So, the web-site is launched with the old white paper and one pager.

But it should be said: we detalized roadmap, changed the fee, that is paid by restaurants for the usage of our service, added financial and marketing plan to the white paper and made some changes according to investors advices and reviews of our project on different listings.

In a few days we will publish here a report about what have been done in March and April.
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