The President’s Reasons for Vetoing JASTA Don’t Add Up
John Cornyn

Thank you Senator Cornyn and staff for writing this piece. I would note that your first response commits a red herring and your last commits an equivocation.

Regarding the first response, the President is not saying that JASTA affects who will “designate state sponsors of terrorism”. He thinks that JASTA weakens the “effectiveness of our response” to terrorism by potentially incriminating a government who is now (supposedly) working with the U.S.’s counter-terrorism efforts.

Regarding the last response, the one responsible for cozying up to Saudi Arabia even after the attacks is Pres. Obama’s predecessor. If Saudi Arabia is still sponsoring terrorism, then you are in the right. If they are not sponsoring terrorism anymore (as it seems), then you are in the wrong. In any case, this well-intentioned law is ten to fifteen years too late.

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