Benefits of DEX P2P

  • First-generation: Despite being a relatively new concept, decentralized exchanges already have differentiated versions. On the one hand, we have the traditional exchanges, these are centralized, you must send your cryptocurrencies losing absolute control of them and blindly trusting in the good work of the platform. We can call these exchanges centralized, but also the first generation.
  • Second generation: On the other hand, we find the most basic decentralized exchanges, the second generation. These change the central piece for a smart contract, which is in charge of making the exchanges. As a smart contract, everyone can see how it works. However, in these smart contracts, you must send your cryptocurrencies, losing possession of them for as long as you want to make the exchanges.
  • Third generation: A new generation of decentralized exchanges improves this last point, allowing you not to need to send your cryptocurrencies anywhere, despite being able to open exchange orders with them. We call them third-generation exchanges. In the same way, they act through a Smart contract in the epicenter of the tool, but it allows you to keep cryptocurrencies in your wallet at all times, so if those tokens give you dividends or voting options in a DAO, you can do so until last millisecond of the exchange.
  • Peer to peer benefits as a buyer: As there are no intermediaries, the prices are cheaper. Most apps are for sharing expenses or finding second-hand products, which still makes them cheaper channels. In one place you can find many different options for what you are looking for.
  • Peer to peer advantages as a seller: It is not necessary to pay to advertise, as it will appear as one more option.- The number of buyers who can see the product or service that is offered is quite large, especially in successful marketplaces. In P2P you do not have to pay commissions to intermediaries.




La vida es una magia. Disfruta cada momento, es lo único que hay.

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La vida es una magia. Disfruta cada momento, es lo único que hay.

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