Been a year now, since I started using GitKraken and I must say: I’m still impressed by this Git Client🥇.

Talk about the dark theme, gosh, who doesn’t love dark theme? It totally stole my heart😍. Can only make one more productive.

GitKraken comes with all the collaboration features and a sleek UI. Fancy indeed👌, it is by far the most visually appealing Git client. Features like drag and drop functionality, commit graph contribute towards an intuitive experience while using this tool.

Best of GitKraken Features

As if that were not enough, Kraken comes with an inbuilt code editor, yes you heard right. A code editor with syntax highlighting, split view and file mini map. This editor allows you to initialize a brand-new project and add new files, folders, and edit them directly in GitKraken. Save your files, stage and commit your changes. …

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Big Data

We are going through the most profound change in communication technologies in all of human history right now.

I believe, however, that we are going through the most transformative purely on the basis of three technologies: Mobile, Social Media, and Cloud Computing. These share one very important characteristic and that’s the amount of private information. Information that used to be on our desks or filing cabinets, even in our heads, that we now entrust to third-parties.

Data that we are conscious of and deliberate about. Like the emails we send and the tweets we post. But it also includes a lot of information that we are completely or mostly unconscious about like Personal ID, Geolocation, make and model of our phones. …


Gatare Libère

Software Dev | UI UX | Open source enthusiast

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