Get 30% Commission By Referring to Your Friends!

Do you know that you can get extra money by referring to your friends? Come on and join our referral program. is dedicated to providing the best services and features to our traders. And we love it when our traders spread the word about and we wanna show it! Use the reference code to refer a friend and you will get 30% commission!

Step 1:

For Website User:

Log in to your account, and click the following link:


Log in to your account, and click “My Referral” on the left side column.

On this page, you will find the links for signup page and home page, and also the corresponding Qr codes. The links and Qr codes are UNIQUE binding to your account.

For Mobile App User:

Click the “SHARE” button on the right top.

Then you will get a screenshot with your UNIQUE Qr code.

Step 2:

Share the links or Qr codes to your friend.

Step 3 (For your friends):

Sign up using the referral links or codes and start their trade on

Step 4:

GET Commissions!!

When other people sign up using your referral code, you receive 30% of all their trading fees for 12 months.

Not only you will receive commission, your friend will also enjoy 10% off discount on all their trading fees for 12 months. Win-win to both of you!

Notice:Your account needs to be older than 1 day before you can invite other people.

Just few steps, you will get the money! Why not trying it?

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