will find a way to succeed as Sean Smith did despite their perceived lack of resources at the outset
Check out Tony Robbin’s TedTalk.
liam llorin

But Sean Smith did not lack resources.

He had regular access to a computer and the internet. He had no dependents, no health issues, no mental limitations. He was able to work part time and support himself.

He had access to a car that was in good enough shape to drive across the country and through the mountains to the SF Bay Area. Eventually he was able to go into debt while hunting for a job, a thing he could only do because he had pre-existing credit.

On top of this he was a pre-med student. He has a degree in Biochemistry & Anthropology. He not only had the financial resources to complete post-secondary education, he clearly had the intellectual capacity to complete a Biochemistry degree.

Sean Smith had a tremendous amount of “wind at his sails”. And then he has the gall to accuse others of “lacking motivation” if they can’t achieve their goals just like he did.

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