10 years and over 520 episodes of podcasting — Tech is a marathon, not a sprint
Scott Hanselman

Hey Scott, you and I don’t know each… at least, we’ve never met face to face, though we’re not more than a degree away on the social graph :)

I remember the Tim Ferriss podcast, it’s why I bought his book and now listen to his podcast. I can’t believe that was 2007, I can’t believe it’s been that long. I’ve been through other technical podcasts, I’ve dropped “dot net rocks” and “nodeup” and others, but you consistently rank at the top of my queue, because I never feel like you’re wasting my time. Hanselminutes is always 20–30 well spent.

OMG, here’s a blog post in a comment from Feb 2009 :)

Above all, don’t just keep listening, but please, share episodes socially and do encourage your friends and colleagues to listen and subscribe.

In fact, I just started a new job and I’m already sharing recent podcasts like “Age of Ascent” and “Kubernetes” with my co-workers because we have all of these problems and people are still sorting it out. I got the latest job on the back of my profile on places like StackOverflow and Quora. The first of which I heard about from you.

I want to thank you and remind you and yours that the show exists and continues weekly in earnest, every week with amazing topics and powerful guests.

I really want to thank you, because even though we don’t exactly know each other, we’ve both been riding the same train for many years. You were there when I moved jobs, when I moved countries, moved to the cloud, moved to MVC. Your podcast has helped me feel like the “smartest person in the room” or at least the most technically informed. I have cribbed many of your thoughts (LEGO Blocks) for re-packaging to my managers in order to sell ideas and get things done.

So thank you Scott for 10 amazing years. You’re still at the top of my podcast list. I’m still sharing your stuff and Twitter-following your great guests. Maybe I’ll get to shake your hand before podcast 1024, but even if I don’t, please know that you’ve helped me and many others along the way.

Here’s to many more!

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