F*** You, I Quit — Hiring Is Broken
Sahat Yalkabov

I don’t understand why you are responding to recruiter e-mails and applying for corporate jobs you don’t care about.

No seriously, you have 7k stars on your Satellizer along with 1k forks. If you’re really looking for work, why not just send e-mails to the people who use your product?

If even 0.1% of those stars are worth a job offer, you’ll have 7 job offers.

If you’re angry about the type of interview you’re getting, then maybe it’s best to find different types of companies that don’t run these types of interviews. Or better yet, companies that already like you and don’t expect you to jump so high during the interview process (hence my suggestion above).

Your Github and hackathon success are clearly going to go further at a startup than they are at a BigCorp.

Does the technical interview process suck? Yes it does. But most interview processes suck, even in non-technical roles. In fact, non-technical roles are probably even worse. At least we can sit you down in front of a computer, how do you interview for customer support?