Confused Why Donald Trump’s Message Is Resonating?
Benjy Boxer

Just got back from a weekend in Canada and I basically explained this very thing to my Canadian family. (minus the graphs) I’ve also made a “rationality” argument for Trump supporters. You don’t need to be particularly smart to know that Trump is lying to you, but you need to be emotionally mature enough to accept that Trump’s lies are directly hurting other people.

Here’s what I posted to my social media feeds. It’s just the extension of people who feel downtrodden by “the system”.

Maybe they are not dumb. Maybe they are just really hurt emotionally.
Instead of starting with the belief that Trump supporters are really stupid, why don’t we start with the belief that Trump supporters actually understand that he is lying to them, but that they are so hurt they want to believe him anyways. Nobody is standing around giving rational reasons for a Trump presidency. The people voting for Trump really do not care about rationality or facts or science, they don’t work that way. They don’t care about the subtle and complex nuances of policy or economics or international relations.
The people who support Trump do so because they like the way Trump makes them feel. He makes them feel empowered and in control, makes them feel like they have a target for all of the bad things that happened to them. He lets them feel like they can act out their frustration against the system that has not always worked for them. When you support Trump you get to enact your vengeance on whatever group you feel has slighted you.
Trump is not the party of reason, he is the party of unreason. Ridiculing Trump supporters isn’t going to work because they are already ridiculed. That’s why they want Trump. Throwing your facts and your reason at Trump supporters isn’t going to work because they don’t care about those things. Those people want vengeance, they want Trump.
You can’t alienate people into submission if the very reason they are acting that way is alienation.
Instead of trying to reason with or ridicule a Trump supporter, it’s probably time to start empathizing with them instead. Maybe the problem isn’t a lack of Education. Maybe the problem is a lack of love.
Trump supporters are acting out on a massive scale. Instead of ignoring them why not give them a chance to speak their piece? We know we can’t sway them by calling them stupid. We have to sway them by reminding them that they are loved and that they don’t need to lash out at others.
Have you hugged a Trump supporter today? You should, they clearly need it.
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