Do We Need to Sue Facebook?
Hank Green

Look, the only way this gets fixed is if somebody starts making calls and applying legal pressure. Facebook is a publicly-owned company. It will only respond to financial incentives. If you and your partners in the industry won’t apply financial pressure, then Facebook will not change.

People I would talk to:

  • EFF, obviously an important first step, hopefully they can connect you with someone at the…
  • DoJ
    Small-scale copyright infringement is generally a civil manner. But those who remember MegaUpload know how it is treated on a large scale. If you can demonstrate that Facebook is failing infringing on a large scale you may get more support.
  • KickStart / GoFundMe for a legal fund.
    The EFF does not have unlimited resources. But if you can demonstrate real public interest in changing this, then it’s more likely to happen.

I would happily back such a fund.

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