Day 11: Admitting Our Need For God (March 11th)

Reading: 2 Corinthians 4:7–12

I recently experienced one of the most frustrating things a person can experience. I watched my youngest child struggle to accomplish a task. Being a loving father, I tried to step in and give her my assistance, but she gave great opposition to my attempts to intervene. She fought hard and resisted each attempt to help with a firm, “I can do it myself.” This event was frustrating on many different levels, but the most upsetting to me was having to watch a child I love struggle with something I could easily help her with. I wonder how many times God has felt this way with me?

Through the trials in our lives, we have such a tremendous power within us. Paul writes, as Christians we carry around in our body the death of Jesus. I think this is easily understood, as we realize Jesus died for our sins and to give us life. What I think we often lose sight of is the simple fact that we also, as Paul states, are able to reveal the life of Jesus in our body. When we are hard pressed on every side, we must remember we are not crushed. When we are perplexed, we are not in despair. Like a loving father who wants nothing more than to help, Jesus provides us with power and the ability to overcome, but we must allow Him to help us. We must be willing to tap into this all-surpassing power that is available to us by admitting our need for God.

Prayer: Dear God, as I face the trials of this world, as I work to accomplish what you have called me to do, help me to rely upon you for the all-surpassing power you promise me. Provide me with strength as I allow you to help me today. Amen.

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