Day 28: Faith and Perseverance (March 28th)

Reading: James 1:1–8, 12

James says in verse 4 that our perseverance has a chance to grow when our faith is tested. If you are like me, your faith is tested every day! When I let things get out of hand in my life, I went for comfort in food. Rather than address the trials in my life head on, I would hide under quick “feel goods” like energy drinks and fast food.

I tried to justify to myself that I deserved the 3 trips a day to the gas station and that it was necessary to endure another stressful day. Rather than considering my trials as an opportunity for great joy and to allow my faith in Christ to grow, I instead allowed doubt to take over. Many months later I found myself feeling very empty and lacking any joy in my life. I became that wave in the sea bouncing back and forth by the wind.

I am sure that many of you can probably relate to my experience in some way or another. The missing link for me was how poorly I responded when my faith was tested time and time again. James tells us that God blesses those who patiently endure testing and temptation. True perseverance is not running to Parker’s every afternoon for some caffeine to get through your last batch of meetings for the day before picking up the kids from daycare. It is taking whatever trial you are facing and tackling it head on…with joy. God gives us wisdom through these times if we simply just ask!

Prayer: Father, your word says that when there is trouble in our lives to consider it pure joy. Please take away the doubt it my life so that my faith will become stronger. Help me to resist temptation and persevere through my daily trials. Amen.erience the hope and love that only you can provide. Amen.

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