Day 29: God’s Hall of Faith (March 29th)

Reading: Hebrews 11

When I was younger I had the opportunity to visit the International Boxing Hall of Fame with my grandfather. While the extent of my interest in boxing at the time was Rocky Balboa’s epic victory over Apollo Creed in the second film (Rocky II), I remember being in awe of the amazing displays. You can guarantee that there was more than a paragraph to read about Muhammad Ali’s accomplishments in the sport of boxing and so many other tremendous athletes.

This is essentially what we have in Hebrews 11 — a Hall of Fame of folks in the Bible who were superstars for the faith they had. Reading this chapter is like walking down a hall of fame moving from one display to another. Or maybe if you’re like me it’s a refresher on the many lessons I learned in Children’s Church growing up. While the common theme in this passage is faith, genuine faith only comes with obedience. Think about it this way — you wouldn’t believe that seat belts save lives, but then not buckle up and end up in a big accident. If you truly believe that seat belts save lives, you would buckle up, right? Faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance in what we cannot see. It’s riskier to run your own life then it is to obey God’s call.

Prayer: Father, I thank you for revealing yourself to me today through your Word. Please show me how and where I can put my faith into action so that it does not grow stagnant. Today I choose to trust and believe in the promises you have made and will be obedient to your call. Amen.

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