Day 31: Keep Your Eye On The Prize (March 31st)

Reading: 1 Corinthians 9:24–27

It’s hard to avoid sports analogies with today’s reading. We all know that Olympians go into strict training and dedicate their lives to that one specific goal…the gold medal. While a gold medal is an earthly possession, Paul tells us that as Christians our goal is to focus on an eternal prize, which is eternity with our Creator. But wait! When it comes to a race you can only have one winner, right? I remember when my daughter first joined the soccer team at I don’t know, maybe 3 years old. To call their games a “game” would be an overstatement. Several soccer balls were placed on the field and the kids from both teams were encouraged to just go after one of the balls and try to kick it into one of the goals. At the end of the season, trophies were offered to each and every child.

Just like my daughter’s soccer team, Paul implies that we’re not competing against each other — we are all striving for the prize that is offered to each and every believer. The point of entering a race is to win the prize. Run, don’t walk, don’t stop, don’t sit down! What a joy it will be when we reach the finish line and hear Jesus say “Well Done!”

Prayer: Father, as I continue to run this race of life, please help me to stay off of the sidelines and to not give up. Give me the discipline to spend more time with you so that I can be more of who you want me to do be. Help me to stay focused on your son Jesus who has already won this race. Amen.

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