Day 32: Jesus, Our Example (April 1st)

Reading: Hebrews 12:1–4

Throughout adulthood I have gone back and forth between being at a healthy weight and being obese. I have very little self-control when it comes to food, so whenever I am 20 or 30 pounds lighter I feel so much better. I have more energy; I don’t tire as quickly playing on the floor with the kids and just have an overall better sense of wellbeing. Right now I am stuck smack dab in the middle with my weight. I have made the decision again to work on my weight — I just don’t like the burden of that extra weight on my body. The same could be said of the sin in my life that I held onto for so long.

As I strived to find joy again in my life and put my full faith back in Christ, I felt something was holding me back. After doing a lot of soul searching, it was clear that there was plenty of unchecked sin that needed to be addressed. I had so much resentment and bitterness in my heart that the only way I could move forward was to ask forgiveness from the folks that I was holding the bitterness towards.

This experience was so freeing. I felt forgiven and all of the resentment and bitterness I was holding onto in my spirit was gone. That’s not to say I haven’t had challenges since then, but I was given a clean slate. Jesus is the champion who perfects our faith. If we can remove the sin that keeps tripping us up, we can persevere through this race and not grow weary or tired.

Prayer: Father, please forgive me for the sin that I’m still holding onto. As I continue to persevere and run the race ahead, I still find myself entangled with sin. Today, I look to you as the champion and perfector of faith. Help me to not grow weary. Please give me the strength to endure my struggle against sin. Amen.

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