Day 34: Spiritual Delivery (April 3rd)

Reading: John 16:21; Romans 8:22

Pregnancy is one of the most wonderful experiences that a woman can have. It is an amazing process in which God uses their womb as the very instrument in which he creates life. And after nine months, fulfillment comes from the joy of delivery and the homecoming of the new child.

There is something though that must not be forgotten. Childbirth. Before a mother can experience the joy of birth, she must first experience the pain of delivery. The woman’s entire body goes through tremendous physical and emotional turmoil. In these times of intense pressure, the woman may even wonder if the process is really worth the pain. But after the child is born she sees that the struggle was worthwhile and necessary to hold life in her hands.

How does this relate to our Christian life? Every born-again believer is in a state of pregnancy. We currently are being brought into the consummation of our physical life in order to be delivered into spiritual glory. It is then that we will receive our new heavenly bodies, forever removed from the evil world system, and brought blamelessly into the presence of our God. This should be the hope and expectation of every Christian.

During our time of fasting, there may be times in which we feel as if we are in more pain than pleasure. But it is in these times that it is important to remember the joy that is set before us. The Christian life, is one of self-denial that ultimately will lead to a delivery of unspeakable joy. This means that we can be full even when our stomachs are empty.

It is good to live in a spiritual pregnancy. We shall soon be delivered. This earth is only the womb, not our home. We shall soon be in our Father’s arms. Let us labor (even with groaning) and persevere, for our day of delivery shall soon come.

Prayer: Father, I thank you for your word today. As I struggle to persevere through this fast I look to you to provide me with the joy that you have promised. Amen.

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