Day 38: His Home (April 7th)

Reading: Matthew 8:20

There was once a man who loved artwork. He would travel from city to city to find the best paintings. And when he found those that he liked, he would put them in the second room of his house, for he lived alone. His greatest pleasure was just going into his art room and enjoying the beauty of the paintings.

One day he was on his way to an art exhibit. He was hoping to find something new to purchase. But on his way, he was moved by the sight of a homeless man who sat outside the museum. He felt sorry for him so he went to him and reached in his pocket to hand him some money. That’s when the man looked in his eyes and said, “I don’t need your money. I need a place to live.” The man reasoned with himself. All he had was the one room with all his artwork. It was too much to move it all out to bring this homeless man in. As he got ready to say no, he was struck by the man’s eyes. They sparkled with a beauty he had never seen before. He felt compelled to say yes. And he did. So he made provision to sell all of his art and sell it to help the man. Then he moved him in. Once the man got settled in the room, the art lover asked him, “Is there anything else I can get you?” The homeless man smiled. “Yes”, he replied. “I need paint and canvas. For my name is Michelangelo. And because you sacrificed what you loved for me, I am going to fill this room with beauty your eyes have never seen.”

This story is a parable. During Jesus’ time on earth, He confessed that He had no secure place to live. Now He being Lord could have made the choice to live anywhere He chose. But He who made us desires to live in the most unthinkable place, our hearts. Once we make the choice to open our lives to Him, He removes what we once thought was beauty and shows us something much more lovely. When we allow Him to work in our lives, He will take us and create a masterpiece out of the most unlikely materials.

So the question is: Have you sold all of yourself and allowed Jesus to have you completely? He’s so worthy. Let Him make a masterpiece of your life today.

Prayer: Jesus, I thank you for living inside my heart. I know that I have not opened my life to you completely. Today I ask that you come in and do a mighty work in my life. I desire to be your masterpiece. Amen.

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